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Thermostat and power change controller for electrically heated floors

Product code: HC30-15 Manufacturer: Mijona
Quantity: Weight: 0.15 kg
Price: 27.03 € Netto: 22.34 €
Product description

The thermostat switches on/off manually, has 3 sensor notes and temperature limitation for wooden floors.

The power change controller presets the function of heating at certain time intervals.

The advantage of the power switching controller is that it is not affected by other heating sources, so it provides stable heating.

The temperature limit is not active with the power change controller setting.

The kit includes an additional frame that you can easily adapt to the design of the switches.

Technical data
Voltage/Frequency 230 V 50-60 Hz
Load 16 A
Tolerance is allowed ±1 °C
Temperature adjustment range 10-50 °C
Ambient temperature nuo 0°C iki +50°C
Color Creamy